How To Get Rid of Cradle Cap: Not What Your Doctor Told You

Both my sons had cradle cap as babies. It got so bad for my second son that he would itch his scalp until it bled. I tried everything on the market and nothing helped….and then poof! something did! Here’s what I did to finally get rid of my baby’s cradle cap.

Ok you may be wondering what is cradle cap. Well it’s a nice way of saying infantile seborrheic dermatitis (wow! that’s a mouthful!) Basically it’s oily, yellowish or brown scalling patches on your baby’s head – it’s like a REALLY bad case of dandruff! It had me covering my sons head in caps even when he was indoors (thank goodness he was a winter baby!) And we quickly nicknamed it Cradle Crap!

It’s pretty common and it’s harmless eventhough it’s unsightly and generally clears up on it’s own (although my older son had a few flakes well into his 2s). But before it starts to go away, it seems to get worse and a lot worse – taking over baby’s scalp like a growing fungus! Ugh!

And as tempting as it may be (especially when you’re nursing and staring down at his head) Don’t pick it! It’s harmless as long as you don’t infect it – and picking it off with your dirty nails is not a good thing!

Always wanting to choose the natural route, I tried coconut oil, washing and combing it out with a small tooth comb. I tried olive oil, burts bees natural oil, you name it, my baby was basically having an ayurvedic scalp massage every night!! When that didn’t work, I went the unnatural route and tried mineral oil. No luck. It would constantly reappear.

Per my doctors advice, I reluctantly tried Selsun Blue (this really took a lot for me to do- have you read those ingredients??!!) – this just made it drier and itchier. Not to mention I was bathing my baby’s scalp in gross chemicals!

Lastly, the doctor prescribed a topical cortizone cream. I decided to draw the line. I mean he rolled all around his crib and I didn’t want that stuff getting in his eyes or mouth for that matter.

As an attempt to try ANYTHING else, I picked up my baby’s Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream – rubbed it in his head, massaging it gently. It’s thick, so you have to apply liberally. It worked! Really? I could hardly believe it! The itching stopped, the bleeding subsided and the oily patches were slowly going away.


OK, it’s not 100% and he still has slight remnants of the cradle cap on his head (now it’s pretty covered with a full head of hair) but he doesn’t itch or scratch himself and whatever is left is hardly noticeable.

Not sure if Aveeno is aware that this cream works on CC but I would definitly recommend it before you try all the harsh chemicals your doctor tries to put on your poor baby’s scalp!

Please share with me any of your cradle cap remedies with me in the comments below!


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